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Straying from the world of Websites and Mobile apps, I researched then redesigned an existing VST (Virtual Studio Technology) in a way that would support themes. Subsequently I built WordPress sites for each with WooCommerce integration and automated software licensing.



I worked with the audio and software engineers to gain an understanding of requirements; this is a marketing video showcasing the result.

This was the original VST design; our starting point prior to the redesign.

Original Image

After a series of detailed discovery sessions, I created a design scope document. Aside from wanting a more modern design, the engineers wanted a prominently featured main control dial to be the focal point of the design.

I made the dial the centerpiece of the VST and we riffed on branding terms before landing on a play on “Turning up the heat”.  

Additionally, customers had reported not understanding how to register the product. To address that, I added a colourful ‘Activate’ button to the footer area.


After deciding on the music genres, the 6 planned VST’s were named and I designed the themes.

Syrup: Trap
Sphere: EDM
Spandex: 80's Synths
Summer Rain: Lo Fi
Skrilla: West Coast
Silk: RnB

I made a modified narrow layout as well as spine and footer elements and created 3D product boxes for each VST for marketing websites.

While the engineers worked on the new VST UI, I created 6 WordPress sites.

Partial screenshot:


Ultimately, a strategic refocus resulted in a decision to amalgamate all VST’s into one super VST that contained all the capabilities of the set of VST’s and more.

Below see designs for the app icon as well as the Main and Layers panels.